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Waterworks Meeting October 4, 2009

WATERWORKS, Minutes of October 4, 2009 Meeting
Present were Marianne Kooiman, Kit Marcinko, Jim and Jacque Stutzman.

Membership. We had a brief discussion about our dwindling membership and the very low attendance this evening.  We agreed that Waterworks should continue its meetings at least until Devin O’Reilly completes his project. Marianne will contact M.J. to discuss whether she is interested in being a member of our group.

Brochure. Jacque had received a draft brochure from Sally Stapp, and showed us a print-out. Diane Murray had worked with Carol Harma (?) on scanning her “shared cup” design for the cover page, but this did not give a satisfactory result.  Jacque will attempt to produce a formatted copy of the draft brochure and forward it to Marianne and Kit Harma.   Marianne will contact Diane about the design.

Jim has submitted his article to the Evening Star to be published in the October issue. 

Precipitation. Marianne reported that a preliminary comparison between the store data and the Houghton rain gauge did not make much sense. Data collection will continue during the wet season.  Another weatherstation on Guemes can be accessed as KWAANACO10.

Research.  Kit willl take over the semi-annual well-monitoring program and Marianne will provide him with data files of the past years.  Marianne will assist Kit at least for the next two occasions and we will look for another two people to be trained as well.

Water meters.   The Water Usage Charts, as designed by Jacque, should be handed out with the water meters.

Water Softeners.  Marianne brought up the issue of water softeners, and the fact that we do not know what the effect is on the ground water and whether these are different from R.O. systems. Kit mentioned that Mark Spahr has strongly advised against the installation of water softeners. and he will ask Mark about references in the literature or hand-outs.

Next meeting is scheduled for Sunday, December 6th, at 7 pm.

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Marianne Kooiman

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