Guemes Island Environmental Trust:

Waterworks Meeting, August 2, 2009


Present were Marianne Kooiman, Anne McCracken, Diane Murray, Sally Stapp, Jim and Jacque Stutzman, and M.J. Andrak (representing FGI)

Brochure: Connie Snell had not been able to find a working document on her computer, but had submitted a very rough hand-written draft. Sally thinks she has a draft and will send this to the Stutzmans, who will work on it. 

Jim will review his article and submit it for publication in the Evening Star. (in the meantime this has been accomplished and the article will appear in the October issue) 

Precipitation. Gary Stoyka, county hydro-geologist, and student Devin O’Reilly, have installed a weather station on the Store.  This can be accessed on: but maybe Sally had a simpler way.

Joost and Marianne decided to discontinue their precipitation-monitoring program, but for the time being will monitor the Houghton site for comparison with the Store data.  They will also continue to monitor their own location and Sally will measure the precip. at her home.

Recharge Area. Marianne showed a projection of the major recharge area in the center of the island on the Guemes Island map. We need to research the Critical Areas Ordinance for stream-flow protection measures and evaluate how well these would suit our needs for protecting major recharge areas.

Research.  Devin O’Reilly, graduate student at WWU, has started his research project of evaluation of the groundwater resources on the northern part of the island, i.e. northeast of the wetlands stretching from the end of Edens Road to the Marsh at North Beach. This part of Guemes has shown little hydrological connection with the main part of the island, and is particularly prone to seawater intrusion.  He has started asking for permission from property owners and getting GPS elevations of the wells.

Septic 201. Sally has spoken with Steve Olsen about the possibility of another Septic 201 course in October.

Reporting on Linetime.  M.J. will be the interface between Waterworks and Linetime. This way our minutes and reports will have more visibility.

Water meters.  Sally will contact Howard Pellett about the possibility of getting help from the GEECs in installing water-meters.

Next meeting is scheduled for Sunday, October 4th, at 7 pm.

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Marianne Kooiman


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