Guemes Island Environmental Trust:

Waterworks Meeting, May 17, 2009

Present were Marianne Kooiman, Kit Harma, Jim and Jacque Stutzman, and Bob Anderson (representing the GEEC's)

Brochure:  As Connie Snell has the file with the draft brochure on her computer, Marianne has asked her by email to please send the file so people can work on it during Connie’s absence. Lorna Parent of the Skagit County Health Department has said the department would donate the copying service and possibly also the paper.

Jim will revive his article for further work and possible publication in Eve Star.

Sign.   Diane's  cartoon with the slogan "The Guemes Aquifer is our Common Cup" was approved at previous meeting. However, the GGs are very busy this summer with the Garden Tour and other Save the Mountain related activity.  This may have to wait.

Carol Harma needs to be asked whether she could scan the artwork so it can be used for the brochure.

Water meters.  Kit has found that of all meters purchased, only one had been installed.  We need to develop an instruction sheet to hand out with the meters, before we sell more meters. Kit will take this up with Sally.  Bob said we need to contact Howard Pellett to ask whether the GEEC's would be willing to help anyone needing assistance with installation.

The recharge area in the center of the island.  Further steps will be.

delineation of recharge areas.  Marianne will contact USGS.  

protection of established recharge areas. The county has established a mitigation plan for public water system wellhead protection areas. This mitigation plan could also be attached as plat notes for new development.

How to educate the neighborhood.  Marianne will write a report to be scrutinized for clarity by the Stutzmans and any one else willing.  This will serve as documentation of the study for the county and for education of the people living in this recharge area.

Septic 201.  People who have taken the course offered by the Health Department  will under certain circumstances be able to inspect their own systems.  This is probably not the case when the well is close to the shore or when the system is not a simple drainage system.  Kit will research the conditions and the opportunity to have the course given on Guemes.

Guemes Mountain Day.  As the event will be very closely focused on the mountain, most of the ideas we discussed during the previous meeting will not be included.

Rain Gardens.  Bob submitted a list of possible demonstration gardens, including a rain garden on his own property and xeroscaping around the church.

Next meeting is scheduled for Sunday, August 2nd, at 7 pm.

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Marianne Kooiman

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