Guemes Island Environmental Trust:

Waterworks Meeting, July 11, 2008

Present:  Mike Jackets, Marianne Kooiman, Anne McCracken, Diane Murray, Randy Schnabel, Connie Snell, Sally Stapp, Jim and Jacque Stutzman

Update on the projects on Water Quality and Quantity.


  1. About 5 additional samples remain to be taken and to be tested for chloride concentration and conductance..  Sally will sample three wells and make appointments for two other wells.
  2. Mike will prepare a graphical representation of the comparison of chloride concentrations in well-water in 1991 and 2007/8.

Quantity  (Potentiometric Surface, Recharge Areas).

1. Accurate well-head elevations and static water levels in ten wells were used to determine the height of the water columns in these wells above mean sea level. As Dick Threet has indicated that he no longer wants to volunteer his time for Guemes, this is about as far as we can go with this project.  The results are interesting and would suggest a major recharge area in the high plateau of the island, centering on Homestead Lane.

Sign at ferry dock.

  1. Mike Jackets and Jim Stutzman volunteered to take down the old sign, photograph it for the records, and store it.
  2. Diane will ask Win Anderson whether he would allow a new, maybe smaller, sign to be put on his land along Guemes Island Road for better visibility.

On May 17th,  2008, Joseph Miller, Sally and Marianne met to discuss topics relevant to an updated seawater intrusion policy.  On July 17th, Lorna Parent met with Marianne to make a beginning with suggested changes to the interim policy.

On June 30th, Gary Stoyka, county hydro-geologist, and Lorna Parent of Skagit Health came to Guemes with two summer interns to have a tour of the island. Marianne and Kit Harma served as guides.  One of the interns is a student at WWU in Bellingham with an interest in modeling.  He would like to get a Master’s degree, pursuing a study on Guemes, if Gary Stoyka can locate the funds.

Mike wrote an article on Reverse Osmosis (R.O.) systems to be published in the September issue of the Evening Star.  It was approved by the group with one change addressing the pulling in of more seawater into the groundwater.

Other topics for research and education include composting toilets and gray- water purification.  Sally will research gray-water purification systems for flushing toilets.

The next meeting will be on Sunday, September 7th, 2008, at 7 pm at the Church.

Submitted by Marianne Kooiman


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