Guemes Island Environmental Trust:

Groundwater Issues on Guemes

Waterworks presents

Groundwater Issues on Guemes

Friday May 18, 7 pm, Community Center

Matt Ely and Sue Kahle of the U.S. Geological Survey will give a presentation to the general public about a variety of groundwater issues, including the relevance of having accurate elevations for the wellheads, and the determination of areas of greater recharge of the aquifer system.

Sue Kahle was the principal investigator of the Hydrogeology and Quality of Groundwater study in the early nineties.

- Marianne Kooiman

Waterworks is the workgroup that materialized from the Aquifer Roundtable of the 2005 AIA Workshop. [Report, 1mb PDF]

We meet every two months to discuss water-related issues, to educate ourselves and work on projects for the island. This includes contact with the Skagit County Health Department and Skagit Hydrogeo, the contact with the USGS people leading to this day of consultation and evening public meeting, re-writing the brochure that was developed in the time of the Seawater Intrusion Committee for distribution on the island, etc.

We do welcome new members.

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