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The Guemes Island Environmental Trust began in 1989 in response to the Navy's decision to route A-6 jet flights out over Guemes Island. The Trust quickly expanded its interests and activities, publishing 18 issues of a 12 page, mostly quarterly newsletter, filled with news, articles, art, cartoons, recipes and poetry. A great many islanders participated in a great many ways. Excerpts from those newsletters appear here.

Beach Cleaning - 1990

As Time Goes By - 1991

Intruder Roulette - 1990

Water, Water Everywhere, But...

An extended series on the freshwater resources of Guemes Island.

Winter Solstice 1990

Rumors and Other Flying Things - 1989

Trust Meeting Notes : "The purpose of The Guemes Island Environmental Trust is to protect and enhance the quality of life on and around Guemes Island..." - 1990

Roadside Spraying : "Commissioners have agreed to our request for a one-year moratorium on the application of herbicides to our island's roadsides." - 1990



"From midnight of December 28th, to nine o'clock the next morning, hurricane-force winds caused unprecedented damage to about two-thirds of the island. Wind velocities exceeding 100 mph were recorded near here." - 1991

The Environmental Trust is still active today. An article detailing those activities is being prepared as is information about what you can do to help.