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U.S. Census Bureau Recruiting Event

U.S. Census Bureau Recruiting Event. We will have a recruiting assistant there to let people know about Census jobs in the area.  We are still hiring for a short period of time. She will also be able to help with any questions about the Census that people may have. Posting information will let people know that we are still recruiting, raise Census awareness, and enable us to get the best turnout possible.
The census decides how the Federal funding is spent. Every person counted will bring in $20,000-$30,000 to the State in the next 10 years. A head of household that decides to not complete the census questionnaire could mean we miss out on over $100,000. Federal money funds at least 55 different programs in the state. It decides how many people we have in the House of Representatives, how the Legislative Districts are drawn out, and how the school districts are divided. All the information collected is made non-personal and is not shared with anyone else, including other branches of government.
Pay in Skagit County is $20.00-$22.00 per hour. Flexible hours for working, weekly pay, mileage reimbursement and paid training are other benefits. Since the jobs are temporary and part-time, most people would do this as a second job.

Vicki Matthews
Recruiting Assistant with the U.S. Census Bureau

01:30 PM


Community Center