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Darrel Berg Memorial Service

During the regular church service, we will honor the 14 years (1994- 2008) that Darrel served as minister to the Guemes Church.  Many islanders, whether church goers or not, will fondly remember Darrel and his infectious spirit. He was widely known and loved in the community.  Darrel would have turned 99 on Nov. 14.  Many will remember his deep love of poetry.  We will listen during the service to Darrel reading a few poems from his CD, and we will recall the time he read to a packed house at the community center- with all profits donated to Summit Dogs.  We will sing a few of his favorite hymns and enjoy sharing Darrel anecdotes.  This will be our moment to celebrate Darrel’s: spirituality, intellectual fervor, and his sense of social responsibility and political engagement. Please join us.  Everyone is welcome. 

09:30 AM


Guemes Church
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