Guemes Island Environmental Trust:
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Cell-Level Healing Workshop

Open the doorway to healing and wholeness with biophysicist Joyce Hawkins, PhD, and hypnotherapist Helen Folsom, CHT-  both recognized as healing facilitators and also a lot of fun to be around. We will meet from approximately noon to 4. 

The body, the mind, the emotions- what exactly are they and how can we work with them to promote health, deal with life’s challenges, and deepen our understanding of who we are and what it means to be human.

In this afternoon workshop we will peel back the covers and talk about how the work of Cell Level Healing came about, how it works, and how you can nurture your own health as well as the health of your loved ones and friends.

Bring a brown bag lunch.  Beverages and snacks provided.  Suggested donation $25

Questions?  Call Lynn Prewitt 360-588-8320,

12:00 PM


Guemes Church