Guemes Island Environmental Trust:



Chasing Phantom Dollars

  Who wouldn’t like to save a couple thousand bucks a year?  Who doesn’t like to breathe clean air?  Learn more by joining Guemes Island’s Cool Climate Team sponsored by GIET.    This is the third time Skagit Co., Padilla Bay’s Research Reserve, & the NW Clean Air Agency has encouraged Skagit citizens to cut carbon.   Saving money, & helping to clean the air are great by- products.   The Team will meet weekly in March for mutual inspiration & support.   The Project provides solid help, such as, the loan of a Kill a Watt meter, so team members can measure the cost of power consumed by appliances.  Research  shows the annual fuel savings  of driving  can be as high as $2000, dependent on the vehicle.   Whether you’re conservative or progressive, old or young, there’s something in this program for you.  Maybe Ben Franklin knew something when he suggested that A Penny Saved is a Penny Earned.   The Guemes Team will be facilitated by Connie Snell & son, Dan.    To join call Connie  at 708-3589 or email or contact Dan at 530-356-1319 or  We can have fun while shedding carbon.






Waterworks Meetings

Waterworks is the workgroup that materialized from the Aquifer Roundtable of the 2005 AIA Workshop . [Report , 1mb PDF ]

We meet every two months to discuss water-related issues, to educate ourselves and work on projects for the island.

We do welcome new members.